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At any given moment in my life, even as I write this post, I can compose a list of 10 reasons for why am I one of the most unfortunate people in the world.
And it’ll be real: nothing invented there.
And then again, at any given moment, I can compose a list of 10 reasons why I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the world.
And this list will be completely true, too.
 In fact, I believe that every morning, and along the day, we compose such a list, which we carry inside ourselves.
How do we decide which of the two lists to compose on a given moment?
Unfortunately, most of the time we’re unaware of the existence of such a  list, and even less so, that we’re responsible for it.
And therefore, it depends on external events (the sun is shining, my boss is yelling at me) or chemical changes in our body.

A corner stone in Gestalt therapy process is an increasing level of awareness: being aware of myself, my body, my thoughts, my feelings and the interaction between them.

!0 things I feel lucky abotu

!0 things I feel lucky about

What happens when I make the list of 10 reasons for feeling miserable? I feel miserable (surprise, surprise):
The whole world is against me,
Nobody loves me,
I feel lonely,
I’ll never succeed in anything I do.
I’ll never get to do anything
This list discourages me, makes me feel weak, incapable, unloved.
This list makes me feel powerless and unmotivated.

How can I feel more capable and filled with motivation?

 As a Gestalt therapist (who tries to live what she preaches) I will listen carefully to my inner voice: what am I telling myself about my life?
I can decide to make a list of 10 reasons why I am one of the most fortunate people in this world.
 I can withdraw comfort and support from such a list because it will be composed of:
The support I get from others,
Their love;
My resources: my health, my friends, my education, money saved in the bank, a satisfying work.
My talents, the things I’m good at.
My virtues and my values.
My success: the things I’ve achieved.
Barcelona, the beautiful city I’m living in

Starting the day with such a list is like starting it with a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice: it’s an injection of energy and motivation. Looking at such a list can help YOU feel lucky, strong, capable – ready to welcome whatever the day brings along.

 Start listening to yourself: which list will you be composing at this very minute?
Which list would you like to compose?
And remember that vitamin C is important for your immune system…

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