Don’t stop!!

When I  was in my early 20s, I’ve lived for a few months in Miami. It was my first time in the USA and the  2 major things which happened to me from the start were: an overwhelming sense of vastness: Israel is a tiny country, the size of New Jersey  (of Galicia, in Spain), […]

Love & Light

January 4th is my birthday, a time when the New Year mixes with My new year. And one strong message followed me the past 2 weeks, that of Love and Light. Perhaps it’s the fact that Khanuka and Christmas, 2 holidays of the 2 cultures in which I’m immersed, have coincided this year. And in […]

Finding your centre

In gestalt psychotherapy we talk a lot about finding our core or our centre. The centre is what we can rely on, what helps us feel grounded and where we are most connected to ourselves. As a holistic approach (“Gestalt” means integration), the centre is not just a metaphoric one, since it’s also associated with […]

love is enough


I’ve planned to dedicate January’s posts to wishing, hoping, planning. But reality had different plans… As I was watching the peaceful demonstrations across Europe on television, I feel a lot of respect for this behaviour, but it is mixed with fear. Fear that we haven’t seen the end of it. And it’s not fear for […]

10 Things

At any given moment in my life, even as I write this post, I can compose a list of 10 reasons for why am I one of the most unfortunate people in the world. And it’ll be real: nothing invented there. And then again, at any given moment, I can compose a list of 10 […]

Treating anxiety, getting in contact with myself

As a Gestalt therapist, I find it hard to write a post whose title is “treating anxiety”. I’m choosing to use this term, since this is how most people, including psychologists, address it, and this is a subject about which many people are worried, even in a city as lovely as Barcelona. So, you  would […]


Last week was the Jewish holiday of Passover. The reason behind the holiday is the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. The purpose of the holiday is to tell the story of the slaves who were freed. In the tale we read every year, the Hagada (from the root “to tell”, since every father has […]


For H. Shlomo Artzi is a popular Israeli singer with a great capacity for depicting relationships in a very realistic and insightful way. Here’s a link for one of his songs, Iceland, which I’ve only recently discovered and I find to be very moving. (Translation of the lyrics at the bottom.) The same author of […]

Emotional supermarket (part 3)

Versión Castellana In one of the previous posts “don’t get mad” I’ve talked of getting upset and expressing it. When I get upset with a close friend or family, there is a consequence to it. And I mainly refer to emotions now. For instance, I know that if I get upset with a friend who […]

Life is a supermarket – Prices

Last time I’ve talked of how life is like a supermarket in the sense that we can do (shop) as we please, but in the end we get to the cashier and have to pay – these are the consequences of our actions. If life is a supermarket, I think that as good consumers, we […]

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