Finding your centre

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In gestalt psychotherapy we talk a lot about finding our core or our centre.

The centre is what we can rely on, what helps us feel grounded and where we are most connected to ourselves.

As a holistic approach (“Gestalt” means integration), the centre is not just a metaphoric one, since it’s also associated with our body, the “belt” around our belly-button area.

Because of that notion, we practice a lot regulating our breathing and directing it towards the lower abdomen, which is the correct way of breathing (babies breath like that. Unfortunately, with the years, our breathing is moving upwards, becoming shallower).

Since the centre is such an important concept, I try to apply it not only on my daily life and at my work, as a Gestalt therapist, but also when choosing the best way for me to exercise my body.

Physical exercise is very important and I believe in finding the right exercise for each one, a method you are more likely to follow for years and which take into account your state, physically but also mentally.


There are several methods which align with the concept of awareness to our centre, most of them are oriental, such as Yoga or Tai-chi (and I highly recommend them).

But there is one western method, which I have been practicing for many years and I find it very right and soothing for my mind, and that is Pilates.


The method was created having in mind the connection between mind and body and for those who exercise it correctly, it also feels that way (although, I must admit that in the beginning the movements seem irrational and even impossible to perform…).

And so, just as in Gestalt psychotherapy we strengthen the client and so allowing him/her to trust themselves more, dare more, also in Pilates, when the centre is strong, we can move different parts of our body in different direction without losing our centre.


It is extremely important to practice with a professional Pilate’s instructor, in small classes which assure that everyone is performing the very small movements in a precise way.

Fortunately, I have found an excellent instructor in Barcelona, who is also a physiotherapist, so she has special awareness as to not cause injuries to her clients, and when there is a sign that something is off, she’s taking care of it immediately (and again, in regard to both body and mind, the sooner we pay attention to the symptoms that indicate that something isn´t quite right, the smaller the work which is required and the easier it is to fix it).

I’m wishing you a good mental and physical health and hope that when you choose a way to exercise your body, you choose something which makes you feel well, not just afterwards (for having done that) but also while you´re doing it.

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