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January 4th is my birthday, a time when the New Year mixes with My new year. And one strong message followed me the past 2 weeks, that of Love and Light.

Perhaps it’s the fact that Khanuka and Christmas, 2 holidays of the 2 cultures in which I’m immersed, have coincided this year. And in spite of being an atheist, I like the message of these holidays.

Khanuka is the holiday of lights: we light candles for 8 days and place the chandelier by the window, so that the by passers will see the light and feel welcome (this custom started hundreds of years ago, when the roads and even the cities were very dark).

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of the person who represents Love incarnated: an abundant, non-discriminating, a-priori Love.

And after a vacation with many people that I love and receiving lovely birthday wishes from near and far, this is what I wish for myself and for you for this coming year:

focusing on Love and Light

That you remember to introduce light into your life, regardless its size: I’ve discovered long ago that there’s no way to push away darkness, but even a little candle can bring a lot of light.

I’m talking about an active and conscious decision to invite people, things, activities, which add Light to our lives. Light can be anything which elates us, which make us feel capable, happy, inspired, and in peace. Anything which makes us smile, feel fortunate, feel grateful.

And Love: the belief that we all deserve to be loved, just for being who we are. And we deserve to feel love: an over-flowing, generous warmth in our hearts towards people and animals and places. The love which helps us put down barriers and defences and fences because this is what truly protects us.

In the 21st century, I find on my facebook page best wishes from people whom I have never met, who still found the will and the time to write a few words, in order to shed light on my day. And I also receive messages and phone calls from people who are very near and dear to me, who also want to brighten my day. And I feel grateful and lucky.

At times when it’s unbearable to read the newspapers, we need to create little circles of love and light, like the circles formed by a pebble thrown to a lake. Little candles of good intentions, of kindness, of care, with which we will scare off the darkness.


And I know that this is how my year will be:

Marked by the search for what brings me peace, beauty and light. Marked by those who make me feel appreciated, respected and cared for. And this is also what I try to spread.

I’m going to turn my face towards the sun, concentrate on what is good, and help bring some of that good to the life of other people.

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