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The days were approaching towards the end of the year, and it was time for me to sit and write a new post: ending one year, beginning another.

But there were other things I had to do, things which seemed more important or more urgent (not the same! And someday I will write a post about it, too) and some more appealing…

So the days went by, December 31st has arrived and I had to cook a new year’s dinner (the price I pay for not wanting to drag myself from across town at the crack of dawn when the party is over) and I wanted to do my little New Year’s wishes ritual (I definitely promise a post about that) and then I wondered whether it’s so important for me to write a post about the new year BEFORE the year begins?

After all, if these are wishes for the whole year, why do I, we, limit ourselves to wish them only right before the year begins and then forget about them?

Barcelona wakes up to 2015

Barcelona wakes up to 2015

So I gave myself PERMISSION not to write it right then and wait until I have more time and can do it with pleasure, not as an obligation.

And that gave me the idea for this post, for 2015 wishes:

I give myself permission to do things when I’M Ready, when I WANT, and not just have duties.

I give myself permission to enjoy an activity without feeling that a dark cloud of chores is hanging over my head, waiting for me to tend to it.

I give myself permission, sometimes, to eat dessert before the main course (and sometimes, even instead of it!).

I give myself permission not to run, jog, do half a marathon or a full one, although everybody else is doing it, simply because I just hate running.

The same goes for eating lettuce…

[The above doesn’t mean I don’t try to live a healthy life, but according to my definition: I walk a lot – which many experts say is actually much healthier – I dance, I do Pilates, I eat many fruits and mainly: I listen to MY body and the messages I get from it. And my body keeps telling me he hates running].

I give myself permission not to stay in touch with people with whom I don’t feel well, even if it will hurt their feelings, even if we’ve known each other since we were kids.

I give myself permission to stop reading a novel which I find boring in the middle, and not force myself to finish it (life is too short to read all the wonderful books which were already written anyway).

I give myself permission to leave the dishes in the sink when it’s Really late at night and I think that half an hour of sleep will do me more good then the sight of a full sink (which I hate) will horrify me in the morning.


Some of these permissions are life long; some are just occasional, when I feel the time is right.

But the main thing is to listen to myself, to know what I want, to consider what I deem important.

I believe life is about enjoying, laughing, growing. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any duties and chores and some crying (even good cries) in the middle, too, but I don’t want to see life as a strand of obligations and “shoulds”. I definitely don’t want to live it as such.

So, for the New Year 2015, I give myself permission to live more in accordance with what is right for me, and not what I’m told is right for me.

I do hope you will also give yourself permission, every now and then, to do what YOU really want.

Happy New Year!



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  1. Trude says:

    A bit late but Happy New Year! I just gave myself permission to take 5 minutes break from work and read this great post instead 🙂 True words and definitely good advice for a happy living.

    • admin says:

      Dear Trude,

      What a wonderful surprise!
      I hope your year started well and that it will continue even better.
      Just yesterday I saw a Norwegian movie and the characters were singing in a chorus, and guess who did I think of…
      Thank you for your comments.
      Sending you a big hug, Miry

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