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Miry Terapia Gestalt
Gestalt is an emotion-based psychotherapy which belongs to the humanistic stream in psychology. It aims to help people live more authentic and well integrated life, which is better balanced and more serene. Through increasing awareness to themselves and their surrounding, clients can learn to :

• IDENTIFY old patterns which prevent
• BECOME aware of their emotions and thoughts
• ACKNOWLEDGE their inner-emotional & mental
• OVERCOME the difficulties provoked by daily
• DISCOVER how their life is worth living
  • “Teaching means to show a person that something is possible.”

    — Frederick S. Perls

  • “The person most in control is the person who can give up control.”

    — Frederick S. Perls

  • «Lose your mind and come to your senses.»

    — Fritz Perls

  • Terapia Gestalt Individual Barcelona

    Individual Therapy

    A gestalt therapist and a client work together as a team in order to help the client know themselves better, acknowledge their strength and receive tools which will help them feel capable of facing whichever life brings, in the present (while in therapy) or in the future.

  • Couple Therapy

    Unlike individual therapy, where the focus is on the individual, in couple therapy the idea is to strengthen the entity which is the couple. If you have marital problems I recommend couple rather than individual therapy, because otherwise you risk that by empowering only yourself there may be a growing gap with your partner. I […]

  • Mediation

    Mediation is a method which underlines the principle of a “win-win ” situation (both sides can win at a time). It is a very effective way to resolve conflicts peacefully, teaching both sides how to acknowledge their needs (rather than focus on their winnings or predetermined solutions), using an open, positive and mutually respectful communication techniques. What […]

  • Relajacion Guiada - Terapia Gestalt Barcelona

    Guided Relaxation

    A technique which helps the client relax and feel more serene. Can be used as a tool, through which the client is imagining a situation that seems threatening or the opposite: desired. The therapist helps the client manage the emotions which are arising by that situation, in a safe environment, i.e.: the therapy room.

A Life Worth Living

I help "normal" people deal with the world when their daily problems seem to be over-bearing and they don't feel up for the tasks. I help them feel that their life is worth living, that there's lots of beauty in this world and that they're more capable and lovely than they dare to believe. Many people are insecure and underestimate themselves.

Dare to Believe

And I say "dare" because many people dream about having the guts to bring out the best in them, dare to excel, be successful and happy. Unfortunately, they don't know what "successful" means for them. They adopt the common description: being the most popular kid, best employees or boss. They dream about having a beautiful house and smiling children. But they never stop to ask themselves what does success mean to them, nor to realize that many times, those who seem to “have it all” are not as confident nor as happy as they seem. (Like the story of the sheep in the wolf’s skin). I find that many people don't like their life and they are not aware of this fact. Because they are not aware, they can not improve it. They live like an "automatic pilot", who keep doing the same job, going out with the same kind of people, having the same lamenting ideas about themselves and their world. They don't feel strong and confident enough to deal with what life is handing them. I help people gain awareness: see how their life is, how do they feel in it. I help them to dare to want it all: to have satisfying work, fulfilling relationships, be who they really are, to shine and also help them feel like they are worthy and deserve to be happy and successful.

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is unlike the more classical approaches, it concentrates on emotions, on how to express them in an adequate way and how to live an authentic life: "to thine own self be true". Through a constant dialogue, the client get to express themselves, learn to pay attention, be aware of different aspects which were shoved into the background (unconscious) and also how to be integrated better. This description may seem a bit abstract, and that is why I invite you to a 20 minutes phone call to see how can I help you have the life you always wanted. Please contact me to arrange a free call in English, Hebrew or Castellano by email: miry@miterapiagestalt.com or call mobile 690 349 589
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