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webHi, this website aims to help you find out more about Gestalt therapy and how I work so that you can see whether you think I may be able to help you live life to the full.

My name is Miry Kornhauser and I am an Israeli Gestalt therapist, living and working in Barcelona since early 2003 when I arrived and immediately fell in love with the city.


I have a Studied Psychology and Philosophy at Tel Aviv University and I have graduated from The Institute of Advanced Gestalt Therapy, Nof Yam in Israel.

I am a Certified Trainer of Points of You™, an innovating company of creative tools for Coachs and therapists. These tools help widen our points of you and focus on finding practial aspects of the insights which come up in the sessions.

In addition, I completed an extensive course in mediation within the community, a tool that I find to be very useful in conflict resolution, whether concerning couples, parents or children and in general as a way of improving communication between people.

I’ve also studied Guided Imagery, which is a tool that helps clients to better knowledge and understanding of deeper, less conscience parts of themselves. I also use it as a relaxation technique and a way for the client to feel more secure and protected.

More about me

I love the unique fusion that lovely Barcelona offers: an exciting urban life style next to calmer and greener zones at the outskirts of the city. I also love the beautiful sea, which sooth me and inspire me, ever changing and yet always the same, alongside with culture and art which are innovative, daring, creative and curious.

And on top of it all, Barcelona has the special blend of locals, who tend to stick to their traditions and yet welcome and enable the enriching arrival of immigrants from all over the world.

In my perspective, Barcelona is a wonderful model and metaphor for healthy life, such as we look for in Gestalt therapy. The ability to find the balance between different parts in a human being, reconcile what might seem like contradictions from within and in reality can be different aspects of a rich and well integrated person.


My Story

I’d like to share a little story about how I got to be in this business.

Since I was a child I liked listening to people, and I still see it as the most fascinating thing – human inner life. Many people would confide in me and so I’ve realized this is my calling.

I see therapy as a journey. Probably the most important journey a person can take in their life. Definitely the most important and exciting journey I’ve ever taken.

I’ve been in therapy more than 8 years of my life. The first time was when I was only 17, with typical teenager problems, and my world seemed dark and threatening. I knew that there was another way of seeing it, since I remembered myself as a happy child. My first therapist taught me how to listen to my own voice, how to stand up for myself, even when facing the people I loved and respected most – my parents.

Later on, in my mid-twenties, I turned to therapy again, when I felt that I did not fulfill my potential, when I lived a “reduced” life and did not make the most out of my skills, abilities and hopes.

These 2 times were in a dynamic approach therapy – the intellectual/analytical approach.

Few more years passed and I felt that I only experienced and expressed half of myself – and none of life: I was living “in my head”, being very rational, a “cerebral” person, and I felt I was actually looking at myself living, seeing myself as an object, instead of living my life myself, and there by seeing myself as a subject, and what I call “living in first person”.

This is how I got to Gestalt psycotherapy.

What Gestalt therapy Has Taught Me

With Gestalt therapy I’ve learned how to listen to my emotions, live them, express them and integrate them with my intellectual part. Gestalt therapy has taught me how to be an integrated person, keeping a healthy balance between the head and the heart and respecting all parts of myself.

Therapy was like a journey, in which I’ve learned my own strength; I’ve visited wonderful sights, some hidden from the naked eye. I’ve discovered who I am and what some of my abilities are. And I say “some” because the journey isn’t over. Therapy gave me the tools to go on searching and discovering by myself. It has taught me that I can do almost anything I set my mind and heart for and that the main limit in my life is myself.

I’ve learned to be true to myself, lead an authentic life and see the world as a wonderful and exciting place – with all that it holds, hardships included. It is the hardships that taught me what my real strength is and helped me develop my emotional “muscles”.

And so, I see my role as a Gestalt psychotherapist as a “tour-guide”: the client chose a general destination, and I help them get there. On the way, I point out breath-taking views (their beautiful virtues), warn them of dangers (negative thinking, demining self-perception and self-description) and though I’ll never carry them on my back, I always hold their hands in the difficult parts.

Along the way, the client get rid of all the heavy, destructive burden they carry in the shape of misconceptions, criticism, negativity and fill their bag with a much lighter set of tools which, even when therapy is over, will serve them for the rest of their lives.

You are very welcome to contact me on email: miry@miterapiagestalt.com or telephone: 690 349 589 to schedule a first appointment.


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