Couple Therapy

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Unlike individual therapy, where the focus is on the individual, in couple therapy the idea is to strengthen the entity which is the couple.

If you have marital problems I recommend couple rather than individual therapy, because otherwise you risk that by empowering only yourself there may be a growing gap with your partner.

I believe that the underline problem many relationships experience is that of miscommunication. Therefore, using tools taken from mediation’s techniques, I help improve communication skills as a way to improve relationships between spouses, parents-children, neighbours and colleagues.

Couple therapy will teach you how to talk so that your partner will listen, and you will learn how to listen so that your partner will talk, how to show respect and affection towards your partner and also how to get more respect and affection from your partner.

You’ll learn how to express your feelings as well as your needs and be reminded that in a good relationship there are 3 entities: me, you, us. And without one of these “legs”, the table will fall. Most of the important concepts of individual therapy are relevant here, only the subject is the “us” instead of “I”: awareness: of how we treat each other, what’s missing, are we happy, how our couple life looks like, do we like it that way.

Remember to dedicate time to the needs of “us”, check what the priorities are (here there might be a clash between the individuals and the couple). In individual therapy I sometimes ask my clients to go back to the time when they felt happy and free. I ask the couple to go back to when they were in love, what did they love about each other, what did they love doing together.

How long has it been since they did any of these things? Many couples, especially those with children, are buried under so much stress and so many obligations that they forgot to separate the wheat from the chaff. Your life is full of so many little tasks its easy to forget why we are here: to be together, to enjoy each other’s company.


A one hour session costs 50 €

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