New Year’s Resolution

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As New Year approaches, we promise ourselves to exercise more, spend more time with our children or elderly, eat right and learn a new skill.

Are these promises enough? Can we and will we keep them?

promises to myself. photo by cookiecrook

What usually happens after few weeks is that we go back to our old habits, we forget our promises, or even worse, remember them enough to feel guilty about not fulfilling them.

What are we saying when we make these promises?

We want to be better, we want to improve.

I would say that these promises are about improving the quality of our life.

We don’t promise ourselves to be rude or impatient with our dear ones, we don’t promise to earn more money or spend more money. We don’t promise ourselves to get drunk or buy useless things.

We promise ourselves to introduce valuable concepts and people into our life.

New years is the time that we check our set of values, we decide what’s important and what isn’t. We priorities. And that means positioning the more important values higher up the ladder.

But then we forget: because it’s hard and demanding, because we have old habits and because it requires too much concentration.

So we get lost in dozens of little chores we do along the day, we get carried away by “fun” things to do, by “sparkling ” things. I use “sparkling ” to describe anything which draws more attention than it really deserves. It can be anything that doesn’t nourish us, that doesn’t have added value (it’s OK and even important to have fun, enjoy superficial activities every now and then, but when we do it all the time we’re left empty).

But what does it mean to forget my promises to myself, to forget my set of values, my true priorities?

It means I forget myself, I’m drifting away from myself, not listening to my deeper needs, my true voice: the voice that tells me what I need, not what the commercials say I need.

It’s time to pay attention to yourself, to respect your true needs, to focus on verifying what are your priorities and then to be persistent with it.

It is time to improve the quality of your life

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