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Mediation is a method which underlines the principle of a “win-win ” situation (both sides can win at a time). It is a very effective way to resolve conflicts peacefully, teaching both sides how to acknowledge their needs (rather than focus on their winnings or predetermined solutions), using an open, positive and mutually respectful communication techniques.

What is a “win-win ” situation?
An example to illustrate: if Anita and John are fighting over an orange, each claiming they need it, how we solve the issue?

 * A judge would say: ¨ I give half to each ¨. It is very likely that the 2 go disappointed, because they are convinced that each require a whole orange.

* In couples therapy with mediation approach, however, I would ask Anita what does she  need an orange for, and the answer is that she has the flu and the doctor told her she needed to take the juice of a whole orange. When I ask John what does he need an orange for, turns out he wants to prepare a cake and the recipe requires  the peel of a whole orange.

Result: When we focus on the needs of people (juice or orange peel), rather than focusing on predetermined solutions (“I need a whole orange”), we can resolve conflicts in a manner that leaves both happy sides, as in the example (John can peel the orange for the cake and leave for Anita the fruit juice …).

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