How Many Sessions?

Therapy room is a safe place

Deciding to start a therapy is a commitment a client needs to take upon themselves. This is a commitment towards him or herself, but it includes also mi, the therapist. Without it, the client will never be motivated and sincere enough for the process to really work. Since commitment is a key element (I cannot force a client to come at a certain frequency, or even to come at all), many decisions regarding the ¨technical” aspects are being taken by the client and myself together.

I recommend 1-2 sessions of therapy per week, especially in the first months, since the client has to learn a new language, the language of self-awareness. With time, the client can live an aware life, being conscious of how they feel, how they speak and behave. . Only at this more advanced stage of awareness, when the client is of less need of my frequent feedback and if necessary (because of time limits or economical situation), we can reduce the frequency. but, of course, this is a decision we make together

In general, as part of the humanistic approach, I try to be flexible when it comes to scheduling sessions. Although I do recommend a fixed time in the week in order to be mentally prepared to have “your hour”, I am accepting clients who, because of their life-style, have different availability.


I offer a one hour session for you to experience Gestalt therapy firsthand. This gives you the opportunity to see if we have a good chemistry to work together and can help you decide if this is a good fit for you.
Please contact me to arrange a session in English or Spanish by email: miry@miterapiagestalt.com or call 690 349 589

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