Points of You™

Award-winning tools The Coaching Game

is a powerful and creative tool for personal development and in corporate settings. The game invites us to free ourselves from set patterns of thought from the usual solutions, and to meet ourselves in a different place, opening up new possibilities for change, expansion and growth.At eye level, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing, it presents 65 common concepts and suggests countless fascinating interpretations – straightforward or abstract, direct or creative, together creating surprising contexts and marking out new paths.

Its ability to enhance processes of thought and communication ,make it a practical tool for use by life & business coaches, trainers, therapists, managers, psychologists, counselors, group leaders and more. It can be used solo, one-on-one, small group or in a group of 100+, easily adaptable to any objective or topic.

The Coaching Game kit contains 65 cards, 165 page full-color book, a process layout chart and focus notes.

Punctum, the “younger brother” is composed of 3 x 33 cards of Words, Photos and Questions, offering a very dynamic way of playing and allowing to create Innumerable combinations using the 3 groups of cards.

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